WCI well services group provides the knowledge and experience to perform numerous services related to horizontal, conventional and CBM wells. Our crews can provide the support to maintain or enhance the productivity of the wells and ultimately increase the return to the client.

Some of the services provided by our well service teams are:

  • Swabbing Rigs
  • Service Rigs
  • Water Hauls
  • Liquid Hauls
  • Work-Overs
  • Re-Entries
  • Plugging & Abandonment
  • Well hook-ups/tear-downs
  • Pumpjack installation/replacement
  • Production Unit install/removal
  • Tank Sets
  • Flowback services
  • Damaged well casing/tubing repairs/replacements
  • Wellhead repair
  • Various other serviceĀ  items related to well head/bore maintenance